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Yes… you who just scrolled down to view this bit of my blog. Stay! Stay and have a read of some of the posts I’ve done.

I won’t drown on about who I am and what I do and what this blog is about because you can just read all about that in my about me section! But I did want to say thank you for the reads and for even clicking onto my blog. It is all totally me – the tone, the words and the topics. My lecturers used to hate the way I wrote because I never wrote in a particular style (who follows rules anyway) – I just write what comes to my head and if that isn’t for you then why you still here? (I’m joking please stay!)

So enjoy the blogs, the news and the chit chats because you clicking on here won’t be in vain!

Go on, why you still reading this? Click on a section and get some snacks, a drink or two and enjoy!

All love, signed, Niknaks x