Love vs Lust 

Some people get these two emotions mixed up. I know I do and if you know me you know I do too😭. But I read an article on the difference between the two and I know there must be a billion and one articles out there declaring the difference between Love and Lust but thought I’d give my own insight on it😀.

Lust. Lust can not be satisfied. It is never full. It needs to be fed constantly. Like a fat kid who loves cakes. It should be understood that Lust will forever want more. Do you know why it is so easy to fall into Lust? Because it is effortless and doesn’t require any hard work unlike Love where you have to “graft” to get the thing you love.

An example of lustful selfish desire is the story of Amnon in the Old Testament. After lusting over his half sister, he confused his lust for her with love. So after he raped her, his “love” for her turned to hate. (2 Samuel 13:1-20). Lust is destructive.

Nowadays people say they’re in “love” but it’s lust. Because they see that guy in the latest trainers and a “fresh trim” they instantly say “omg I love him” or that girl with the tightest dress and “fleeky” hair and they think that’s the girl they want to marry but it is Lust in their eyes. Lust is based on physical appearance and materialistic things.

If my friends are reading this they are probably thinking “hypocrite”😂 but I am admitting right now that I confuse Lust with Love many times. Lust is powerful.

The word even sounds harsh on the lips. Lust.  Love. Love is the complete opposite of Lust. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love before but from what I hear, see and read, I have a rough idea of what Love is like. Love is a warm feeling. It is created by sacrifice and struggle. WhereLust offers you temporary satisfaction, Love gives you eternal satisfication.

God gave us the ultimate example of Love when he allowed his son, Jesus, to sacrifice his life and be crucified for us all (John 3:16; 15:13).

Love is clearly the opposite of Lust. Love is that one thing you can’t get rid of, no matter how many new shiny possessions you get, even if it that one thing has been through a few battles and it is tattered at the edges, you can never get rid of it because of the memory it holds.

So as hard it may seem, (Lord knows it’s hard😩) try and pry your eyes away from Lust and look for Love because Lust will cause you nothing but agg.

Ps. I’m not saying literally go out there ask someone to love you but wait your time obviously and you’ll find love☺️.

              “Lust can not become Love & Love does not need Lust” 💕

All love signed, Niknaks x

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  1. tosinonafuye says:

    Hi Nikki,
    Firstly, I must commend you on your writing and knowledge therein. You really do speak volumes on the phenomenon that is easily confused. You gracefully some-up the difference in this quote: ‘ where as love gives you temporary satisfaction, love gives you enternal satisfaction’. Anyone reading, through this quote, will be enlightened.
    Samson- the chosen judge, fell victim of this phenomenon… He confused the language of lust for love and vise versa.
    When you lack spiritual insight it is easy to confuse the two. The only way to refrain from being victimised, is to stay grounded in the word of God; after all, God is LOVE!
    love is a potent thing. It is pure, warm and true, long suffering, kind, peaceful ( Galatians 5 v25) . Lust, however, is contaminated, false and what I call, a hyper- reality’ a mere perception.

    In essence, Love heals wounds whilst lust exposes and infects wounds. All in the name of ‘bae’ many draw near to lust in order to occupy relevance online and in society. If he or she does not love God, lust becomes the only language that he/she becomes accustomed too.
    Again, thanks for sharing. Many will be blessed by this.

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      1. cripsy23 says:

        Can u write about the light of God


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